Bible Verse of the Day 11th May


Psalm 150:6

“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.”



The Bible says, everything that has breath should praise the Lord. Our God is so wonderful and gracious that He has created you and me so beautiful and has blessed with His gifts. So be thankful to Him everyday and praise His glorious name.

One thought on “Bible Verse of the Day 11th May”

  1. first comment. lots of chesine scientists are afraid of media. one reason is they are often misquoted or censored. and if a scientist become popular his fellow man will despite him. it is like “real historians” vs. Yi zhongtian. at least Yi popularized history. if you don’t like him, outdo him and beat him in his own category, otherwise it is like a fox and sore grape thing. in this aspect you have to admire hawking. I guess many future cosmologist are his fans today. thus if possible, will you invite some of your colleagues to write some “guest post”(te4 yao1 jia1 bin1)? everyone has his own limitations, and if your friend don’t have a blog and won’t like to open his own, at least he can explain his work in your blog. I know little about what happens in observatary cosmology. are ground observers useless now? or we must move up to satelite or space station? people seldom use radio or optical scope data in cosmology now. how is about international cooperation in observation? any confirmed blackholes? how about signals other than EM like neutrinos or even gravitational waves? what about AMS by samuel ting? I know some experimentalists attend ICRA. according to Tuya, cosmology, religion or zen are the same thing.

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