Bible Verses about Suffering

Bible Verse of the Day March 28, 2013

Isaiah 53:4

“Surely He took up our pain and bore our suffering”


In this world, we hesitate to take the blame of somebody else’s mistake. We do not even have ears to hear their cry and help them during their need. We have done this to people whom we know as well as we do not know them very much.

But think about, how God came into this world and suffered for our sake. Think about, how He shed out His last drop of blood for our sins. He was pierced for all our transgressions and He was cursed to the core for all our iniquities. Who should be punished for all our sins? Is it we? Or God?

Do you think anybody else in this world can do that for you? NO… Only God, your beloved Father can bare your sufferings and can take away your pain. Ask God to forgive all your sins and cleanse you with His sacrificed blood. Repent and sin no more.

3 thoughts on “Bible Verses about Suffering”

  1. It was Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God the Father that was pierced for our transgressions and shed His blood for the remission of our sins and should so be noted,

  2. May God in his infinite mercies reward you for your selfless work.Please,kindly send BIBLE to me.Best regards and God bless.May the power of resurrection work new things in your life Amen.Contact number : 08068284705

    Yours faithfully,

    Chukwuka Philip

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