Bible Verse about God’s Presence

Psalms 139:7

“Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?”


At times, you may think that your friends did not understand you; Your parents wouldn’t have realized your true nature; Your children would have neglected your care and love for them. But do not worry, God knows you and understands you more than anybody else could.

He perceives every thought and feeling of yours. He is very very familiar with all your emotions and He is completely aware of what you can and what you cannot. Since God knows you very well, you needn’t have to get frustrated about human negligence.

Do not fear whether you would rise among them or fall in front of them, God’s hand will guide you. His right hand will hold you fast when you slip away. His presence will always be with you and His blessings for you would outnumber the grains of sand.

5 thoughts on “Bible Verse about God’s Presence”

  1. Thanks I ready needed that message today. I’m going through some miscommunication with my husband. Its seems that he has fallen further away from me. We may be getting a divorce, even through I do not believe in divorce, I don’t what to continue with the negatively of our conversations we been haven’t for a long time. I know that God understands me and will bring me through it. Again, Thanks for the message.

  2. Where can I go from your spirit ??
    Where can I flee from your presence ?
    Praise The Lord.
    Thanks for this message .
    Was in a depressed situation , regarding my job , where there lay off going on in my company .,
    Still not yet confirmed about the result of mine .
    Prayed to god .,
    Got the first word ,. Psalm 6.:9, The Lord hath heard my supplication ., The Lord will receive my prayer .,
    Now with these words of gods presence ., instead worrying for job ,
    His presence is the one I need now to go on with spiritual life and love and to fell the healing .,
    Praise to be god .,

  3. Thank you for those kind words!!! What a blessing to know and God and better yet to be known of God. HE KNOWS MY NAME…isn’t it amazing that He is right there with us every step we take and every move we make.
    I don’t always respond but I appreciate the verse of the day!!

    Thank you,

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