Bible Verse about Mercy

Jude 2

“Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.”


Though many people have all the worldly riches, they would lack heavenly riches such as mercy, peace and love. With our knowledge and effort, we could work hard and earn the worldly riches. But how do we enjoy the riches of heaven?

It is through God alone…

Only He could bestow you with His peace; Only He could shower his mercy upon you; Only He could bless you in abundance with His love. Remember that you are always incomplete without Him.

6 thoughts on “Bible Verse about Mercy”

  1. Todays Bible verse really touches me. I know that I would loose focus if I had worldly riches. God is rich in mercy, peace , and grace. I am content with my daily bread until God see’s fit to provide more.

  2. Amen,I ask God to give me is Mercy, peace and Love abundantly in my life and my family.
    God bless you

  3. Strictly speaking, I leiftd the verse from Agnus Dei and not Kyrie Eleison, though they share the prayer have mercy . I don’t regret the chorus, I think the song works, but it struck me recently that the chorus is about me, that is, personal peace within ourselves. Which is true. But it’s just one kind of peace.

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