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Bible Verse of the Day September 25, 2012

Bible Verse about Anger:

James 1:20

“Human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”


If you really want to live as a righteous person, then you should first practice to control your anger. When anger is within you, then its results will be gossip, quarrel, unnecessary words and misunderstandings. Since God wants you to be righteous, let not anger overcome it. Suppress the anger within you, with patience and politeness. Patience always has the power to put off anger very quickly. Stay calm and ask God help you to control your anger.

Bible Verse of the Day June 28, 2012

Bible Verse about Anger:

Proverbs 30:33

“For as churning cream produces butter, and as twisting the nose produces blood, so stirring up anger produces strife.”


When you are angry about something or someone, remember this verse. Being patient and calm, always chills out a big fight. So, when you are angry, stay calm, think and then react gently. Such an act will surely turn any negative situation into a positive one, without you or anyone being hurt.

Bible Verse of the Day March 16, 2012

Bible Verse about Quarrel:

Proverbs 17:14

“Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.”


We get angry during certain situations we come across and we begin to fight and quarrel. When we are in anger, we forget what we do and what we speak. As a result, we talk undesirable words which could hurt each other. So in order to build any happy relationship, it is better to be very cautious during such situations and control our anger.